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Focusing on the clean utilization of coal and biomass energy, as well as the recycling of emerging solid waste resources, we strive to create high humidity, waste residue, and waste drying equipment such as coal drying equipment, biomass fuel drying equipment, and industrial drying equipment, as well as supporting equipment for new clean heat sources and dust removal systems. Developed and manufactured with technical equipment, we have a core technology system that integrates thermal combustion, dehydration, drying, forming, sorting, and dust removal. We can provide you with free customized production line solutions.

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The Case

Soybean Slag Drying Production Project

 The enterprise is Henan local a medium-sized soybean residue processing, sales manufacturers. Due to the process requirements, we need to replace a soybean residue drying line. After the understanding and field investigation of our company, we were attracted by the professional technology and sophisticated technology of Kolev company, and purchased the complete set of soybean residue drying line of our company.

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