Gypsum Rotary Dryer

Gypsum Rotary Dryer

Suitable for drying natural gypsum, gypsum, phosphogypsum, sulfur gypsum, desulfurized gypsum, gypsum slag, gypsum sludge and other gypsum materials

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Gypsum Rotary Dryer - 1
Gypsum Rotary Dryer - 2
Gypsum Rotary Dryer - 3
  • Output:16-1000T/D
  • Input moisture:30-25%
  • Output moisture:≤5%(adjustable)
  • Feeding Size :2mm
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Applicable Material

Applied material --- natural gypsum, gypsum, phosphogypsum, sulfur gypsum, desulpurized gypsum, gypsum slag, gypsum sludge and other gypsum materials,FGD gypsum.

gypsum material Applicable Material
gypsum material
gypsum material

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Here are two methods for calcining natural gypsum and desulfurized gypsum: low-temperature calcination and high-temperature flash firing. Both methods can produce plaster of paris (semi-hydrated gypsum), which can be used in the fields of building materials such as gypsum mortar and plastering gypsum, paper gypsum, etc. ,Putty powder. Anhydrous gypsum, used for floor gypsum, high-strength gypsum, etc.
It is suitable for direct heating dryers, indirect heating dryers, airflow rapid calcination, fluidized bed combustion boiler calcination, wok calcination and other processing technologies. There are downstream drying and countercurrent drying drying methods. We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of gypsum calcination processes. We can provide you with professional solutions and technical support based on the characteristics of local gypsum.

Flow chart

Flow chart

1. The forklift delivers the gypsum raw materials into the large anti-blocking silo. There is a belt weighing scale at the bottom of the silo to control the material conveying speed.
2. This process uses coal as the heat source and is equipped with a coal injection machine and a combustion chamber.
3. The material enters the dryer from the belt conveyor for calcination and is flash-fired at high temperature. After calcination, the material enters the cooler. The cooled material enters the ball mill for grinding and modification. The finished product is transported to the material tank by an elevator.
4.A temperature controller can be configured to reduce air loss in the induced draft system and increase drying output. Real-time monitoring and control of material temperature to improve thermal efficiency.
5.We accept customization of dryers made of different materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloys, etc.
6.Provide product quality assurance and have CE IOS certification.

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gypsum dryer

input moisture:15%
output moisture:less 5%(adjust)
heat source:steam
Drying method:Down-flow dryer--indirect heating dryer
Uniform heating, dynamic calcination, no raw or over-burning phenomena, and can be used for continuous automated production.
Simple operation and maintenance, safe and stable equipment operation.

gypsum dryer

input moisture:15%
output moisture:1%(adjust)
heat source: gas
Drying method:Counter flow dryer--Direct heated dryer
Uniform heating, dynamic calcination, no raw or over-burning phenomena, and can be used for continuous automated production.
Simple operation and maintenance, safe and stable equipment operation.

Technical Parameter

Product Standard (M) Capacity(T/H) Feed Moisture(%) Final Moisture(%) Power(KW)
0.8*8 0.5-3 30% 15%-1% 3KW
1*10 1-5 30% 15%-1% 5.5KW
1.2*12 2-8 30% 15%-1% 11KW
1.6*16 6-10 30% 15%-1% 15KW
1.8*16 8-15 30% 15%-1% 18.5KW
2*18 10-20 30% 15%-1% 22KW
2.2*18 12-25 30% 15%-1% 30KW
2.4*22 15-30 30% 15%-1% 45KW
2.6*24 18-35 30% 15%-1% 55KW
2.8*26 20-40 30% 15%-1% 75KW
3*28 25-50 30% 15%-1% 90KW
3.2*28 30-60 30% 15%-1% 110KW
3.4*30 35-70 30% 15%-1% 132KW
3.6*32 40-80 30% 15%-1% 160KW
3.8*32 50-100 30% 15%-1% 185KW
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Product Features

Stable performance and high thermal efficiency

The structural configuration is optimized, the equipment operates stably, and complete anti-corrosion and thermal insulation measures can be configured according to needs.

Green, environmentally friendly, resource saving

The circulating heating and drying system greatly saves energy. It is equipped with efficient dust removal device and is green and environmentally friendly.

Easy to operate and maintain

PLC control, simplified production, large production capacity, and safe and stable equipment operation.

Company Profile

Kolev Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private technology enterprise. The company is committed to the research and development, production and sales of technical equipment for the mining and metal ore industries. It has been deeply involved in the ultra-fine grinding, industrial drying and crushing sand making industries for many years. We can provide you with Provide intelligent solutions and mature supporting products, focusing on the development of various powder equipment, complete powder production lines, drying production lines, sand and gravel line equipment and projects.Products are sold to 160 countries and regions and are well received by customers. Kolev Equipment has always been adhering to the business philosophy of surviving by quality and developing by credibility, striving to win the trust of customers with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service, and create a brilliant future for Kolev.
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